Trained Providers, Therapists & Dedicated Organizations

Resources for the Northeast TN Region


Chelsey Bishop

High Country Doulas | 828-278-8949

Melissa Wood, CLD

Start In Love | 423-328-6733


Gloria Dudney, RN, BSN, IBCLC

ETSU OBGYN | 423-433-6757

Karen Hamby, RN, BSN, IBCLC

Ballad Health - FWCH | 423-431-5432

Heather Click Hutton, RN, BSN, IBCLC

Optimal Nurturing | 423-943-8239

Sara Reed, IBCLC

JC Peds | 423-794-5540 The Nursing Nook | 423-737-5794

Therapy & Counseling

Kerri Blancarte, LPC, MHSP

Frontier Health | 423-232-2600

Jessica Barry, LCSW, PMH-C

Frontier Health | 423-232-2620

LaDonna Carey, MA

LaDonna Carey Counseling | 423-230-0909

Amber Griffin, LMSW

The Journey Center for the Healing Arts | 423-408-8041

Eliza Kiernan, LPC

GracePoint Counseling | 423-283-4958

Erica Petree, LCSW

Child & Family Therapist | 423-232-2600

Meredith Prosak, LCSW

ETSU Health Downtown Day Center| 423-439-7371

Coree Schmidt, MAC, LADAC II, QCS

Frontier Health | 423-432-4600

Chelsea Taylor, LPC, MHSP

Helen Ross McNabb | 423-581-4761

Lindsay Taylor, LPC, MHSP

Summit Counseling | 423-207-3336

Providers & Professionals

Nyela Edwards, CNM

Seasons for Women | 423-844-1399

Brandi Johnson, LMSW

ETSU Pediatrics | 423-439-7320

Dr. Diana Morelen, PhD

ETSU Dept of Psychology | 423-439-4771

Brandy Pierce, CNM

SOFHA OB/GYN | 423-794-1300

Wendy Rakestraw, CNM

SOFHA OB/GYN | 423-794-1300

Dr. Matthew Tolliver, PhD

ETSU Pediatrics | 423-439-7320

Lisa Vance, CNM, PMH-C

Seasons for Women | 423-844-1399

Nurses, Community Advocates & Case Managers

Brittney Daniels, BSN, CLC

ETSU Nurse Family Partnership | 423-491-6459

Jamie Donaldson, CHW

Ballad Health | 423-607-9089

Kristina Dulaney, RN, PMH-C

Cherished Mom | 423-742-6739

Julie Shoemaker, Nursing Director

ETSU Nurse Family Partnership | 423-900-3160

Physical Therapists

Jessica Story, DPT

Skilled Nursing Facility | 757-802-6208

Dedicated Community Organizations

Carter County Drug Prevention Coalition

cartercountydrugprevention.org | 423-342-1335

ETSU Nurse Family Partnership

nursefamilypartnership.com | 423-900-3160

Families Free

familiesfree.com | 423-631-0141

National Resources

Postpartum Support International

postpartum.net | 1-800-944-4773

Shades of Blue Project


Suicide Prevention Hotline

1-800-273-8255 or text 741741

Disclaimer: This resource identifies individuals that have completed the PSI 2 day training or equivalent and organizations that have sent individuals and/or staff as an effort to be dedicated to perinatal mental health. Cherished Mom does not assume responsibility for care or services provided by any individual or organization. Listing on this resource does not assume endorsement of provider and/or organization.
Cherished Mom

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