4 Ways to Survive Remote Work With Young Children

by Janice Russell


Working from home often makes life easier, but for many parents of young children, remote work has the opposite effect. Keeping up with parenting responsibilities while handling work calls, important emails, and other tasks can become a challenge pretty quickly, so it’s important to find ways to maintain your physical and mental health. At Cherished Moms, our mission is to support moms and pregnant women, particularly through these uncertain times. We hope the following guidance can help frazzled moms as they navigate the new normal with little ones in tow.


Make time for yourself

It can be difficult to make time for a workout when you have little ones at home, but it’s important to try to do so every day. Getting active can help reduce stress and even boost your ability to get better sleep, a benefit for any parent. If you have trouble keeping up with a routine, turning to a fitness app online can help you stay on the right path. Not only do many of these apps offer a customized workout plan, but you can usually get meal plan suggestions, workout tutorials, and advice from experienced, certified fitness coaches.


If you need a little help with accountability or time management, a productivity app like Todoist is a useful tool. This type of app makes it easier to stay on top of tasks and chores so you can stay productive and at your best all day.


Get some rest

While daily exercise can help you sleep better, sometimes good rest is still hard to come by, especially for those who work from home. Think about how you handle your workload during the day. Do you often answer emails when you’re off the clock? Get stressed around bedtime because you’re thinking of everything you need to do the next day? If this sounds familiar, it can be helpful if you make lists and get organized with a planner. Set some limits when it comes to answering emails or phone calls after hours, and make daily and weekly goals that can be checked off as they’re completed. This will give you some peace of mind so that you’re able to relax at the end of the day and feel rested when you wake up.


Ditch the guilt

Good sleep can boost your mental health, but what about that nagging guilt you sometimes (or often) feel? Many working parents feel guilty about the amount of time they’re not able to spend with their kids, especially those who work remotely. The good news is, self-guided playtime is a good thing for little ones as long as it’s done safely.


For babies, set up a playpen or secure area near your workspace so you can keep an eye on things and provide sensory toys to keep them occupied. Toddlers love building blocks, creative tools, and music; you might turn on educational content or allow your little one to use a tablet to play games. Wireless headphones are perfect for this age and will come in handy when you really need to focus on your work.


Give your toddler some independence

It’s hard to watch them grow up, but sometimes a little independence is a good thing. Think about ways you can allow your toddler to do things for himself, which will help you restore some sanity on busy days. Gauge what your toddler can handle solo and what makes him feel like a big guy. Tap into his “I can do it!” mentality through easy chores like putting away toys, helping with laundry and setting the table. Not only does this cut down on some of your chores (ideally!), but it also provides a foundation that shows the importance of helping out around the house.


Working remotely can be hugely beneficial for parents of little ones, but it’s important to find ways to take care of yourself in order to make it successful. Ask for help when you need it, and carve out time for your own well-being so you’ll be the best employee and parent you can be.


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