Digging Deeper

What is the Digging Deeper Facebook Group?

This group is a branch of our nonprofit organization that specializes in promoting awareness, education and support for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders to moms, families, healthcare professionals and the community. We have started this group to grow our community of individuals who can share the joy and hardships motherhood provides. In this group we will share laughs, cries, acceptance, guidance, education, and the occasional bond of running to the bathroom with our legs crossed. Each week we will have a specific theme of the week along with daily motivation to all. Our themes will be centered around one topic each week with professional information from one of our certified speakers who will also be able each Thursday for a live question and answer session. We will have options available each week to have your questions be asked publicly in our group or a way for you to remain anonymous. NO MATTER WHAT THIS IS A SAFE GROUP FOR MOTHERS AND WE WILL DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER AS A TEAM TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY INSIDE THIS GROUP. We look forward to our growth in helping mothers in all communities

Presenter Interest Form

Please fill out this form if you are interested in providing a presentation in the “Digging Deeper into Motherhood” Facebook group. The commitment is max, 1 hour. The presentation can be live or pre-recorded…whichever you prefer. If you do a pre-recorded video, we will post it earlier in the week and you’ll choose a time for a Live Q&A later in the week. If you choose live…you’ll do the live presentation followed by a live Q&A. We will be in touch with you once interest form is received. We appreciate your willingness to provide important information on behalf of Cherished Mom to mamas!

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