Promoting awareness and education for perinatal mood disorders and importance of self-care to new moms, families, healthcare professionals and the community.

A message from our founder

Cherished Mom wants women, families and the community to be aware of the risk factors, signs and symptoms and the possibility of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders throughout pregnancy and following childbirth. We also want every mom to see the value in self care and how to put it into practice as a new mother.

You're not alone, it's ok to reach out for help.

800,000 women annually are affected by perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. They are the number one complication of childbirth.

1 in 5 moms and 1 in 10 dads are affected.

Sign up to complete our perinatal Mental Health video course and receive a free self care box (50 per month available in the TriCities currently).​

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Rachel’s Story

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